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Possible Fix for CTD's

Hello everyone.
I've been having issues with Shogun 2 crashing to desktop, not launching at all via Steam, not running on dx9, dx10 or dx11. Some possible solutions were the removal of McAfee toolbar, reinstalling the game, reinstalling drivers etc...
I also made the error of migrating to Windows 10 before I tried it, so reinstalling windows was out of the question.
Well, because of that nothing worked for me, except for one thing. Since everyone at the forums was talking about McAfee I didn't pay much attention to it, because I don't have nothing installed from that brand, but I have another antivirus, specifically AVG, and amazingly it installs a toolbar extension on your web browser.
So, I uninstalled the toolbar, removed the extension and amazingly it worked!
What I can figure out of this is that somehow, antivirus, malware or whatever browser extensions are messing with the game. Remove them, uninstall the associated program and see if it works. I'll be posting this fix on other forums, including the Creative Assembly one.

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What is the name of the browser extension? I use AVG as well but I can't find any extensions.
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