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Square-Enix can be pretty hilarious with their pricing structure, especially their stuff distributed digitally. Just look at their iOS games. Those games are horribly overpriced. It's really strange too because their physical games tend to trend downward in price at a reasonable pace.
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Square Enix is a dinosaur with some strangely outdated practices. It's as if sometimes they just... forget some of their games exist. There are some popular PSP titles that will never be available to Vita owners because Squeenix never bothered adding the games to the digital PS store. They are stupid like that.
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Bought it from Amazon yonks ago, was quite cheap, delivered fast, and it integrates straight with Steam so you don't need the disc again, you can then download it like any other Steam game.

God knows why the price is still high, publisher's fault maybe? Don't know. Either ways its only £8.20 ($13) from Amazon UK.

LOTS of frustration in places, (looting ARGHGHGH) and very complicated at first (till you get the hang of the mechanics later). But quite a satisfying classic style RPG experience.
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I remember getting this for ridiculously cheap. Needless to say, it's not worth anywhere near $50 given the game's age, lack of popularity, low metascore, and glaring flaws in the combat mechanics (which usually results in extreme frustration due to the unfairness of it all).
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The combat mechanics are actually pretty awesome, once you learn how to manipulate them. I was triggering weapon arts and uber skills off all the time around the final two stages.

I think the problem is the game doesn't EXPLAIN anything, you're given absolutely NO info, and the mechanics feel so clunky and random at first it made me tear my hair out, it was as if the game was playing itself.

Only after basically doing the entire game, reading forums, reading the wiki and craploads of experimenting (and dying on Fallen and so on) did I actually learn mostly how it worked, and started to have fun with the combat.

Either ways its certainly worth the price, the AMAZON price. Defintately not the full price they're still charging for it on Steam or whatever.
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i like the combat and the challenging fights.
People are just not used to be beaten in games anymore.

But its true, the game explains nothing, luckily the wiki is extensive and all spoliers are tagged.
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Good lord, i wanted to buy this game but price is just... horrible, worst thing is you cannot get it anywhere other than steam in place where i live :/
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