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Yo, I have a key to activate left for dead 2 which I bought though I would like to trade it for cod mw 2... do anyone know how and where I can do this?
I apologize if its not "legal" or if there excists any rules against theese kind of tradings, then delete this...
Anyone have any ideas?


(am very sorry indeed if this is against any rules though I havent found anything about it...)

EDIT: the reason why I want to trade it is because I already have lfd2 activated on my account...

EDIT2: sorry I wrote this in an entirely wrong part of the forum, a mod can you please move this to the simular part of the forum but with PC instead of PS3/xbox...

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Someone ban this scamming wonker.

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send valve a message then see what happens DUUUDE MW 2 IS GONNA FAIL HARD DIDNT U HEAR ABOUT THE new mp system wow
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