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wow, very impressed...

TFC alot better then CS....I feel sorry that ppl cant play TFC because it takes to much skill. Oh well that is why they made CS. :P

I hope to god that someone from Valve acautly gets ahold of your list and starts working on TFC and NOT CS. You have made a great list of things that really count. I like the Forcing of Sprites and get rid of Special. Still if you have a Server, Sparkies Server Side will do this For you So go and get it.

Turn off the WON servers Already. It is just spreading out our small community Things would be great with everyone together.
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OK good news already , I had a contact at Valve anyways that I mail regarding cheats as I'm an admin for ETAC, I sent him this list earlier and he passed it onto Eric Smith, Eric has mailed me with this responce:

Subject : RE: TFC Bug List



Thanks for taking the time to send us the list of TFC issues you've
collected. We'll go through the list and see what can be addressed in a
future Steam update.

If you come across any more issues like the ones you listed below, feel
free to send them to me directly.

Thanks again. We appreciate it.

Eric Smith


So hopefully TFC will be recieving a lovely update soon and we can flaunt it in the General Discussion.
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Cool, but I'll believe it when I see the update
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Old 07-08-2004, 04:15 PM   #19
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Well it got a sticky so someone is listening out there!!
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Old 07-08-2004, 04:19 PM   #20
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Wow... a reply from Eric Smith concerning TFC? That's like trying to get a heart felt confession from the devil himself! :-D, of course you do have that inside "friend"... Oh well, GJ.
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Old 07-08-2004, 04:34 PM   #21
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valve really is listening.....

maybe they are watching too.....

are they trying to take over the....
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Old 07-08-2004, 05:27 PM   #22
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lolz, this thread was stickied in the hope it would stay on topic, please try to keep posts to this thread relevant to either bugs or bug fixes.


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Old 07-08-2004, 05:41 PM   #23
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The majority of posts were in relation to this thread, just a couple side-tracked, thanx for the sticky.
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Originally posted by KoncreteAngel
who cares about tfc anymore? only about 100 people play it
I care.

Do you have private cheats or binaries? Feel free to PM me the information. Help keep games cheat free! Click to Contact VALVe Support.
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Old 07-08-2004, 10:41 PM   #25
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Name: Respawn Death Bug

Explanation: Sometimes when you die, and you want to change classes while dead, the game will force you to spawn first, and then kill you.

Example: I get killed. I am still dead, I push my changeclass button. I select soldier (I died as a medic). I respawn as medic and die. I respawn again as Soldier.

Last edited by chryosis: 07-08-2004 at 10:43 PM.
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Name: Cant change disguise as spy.
Explaination: If your a spy but have chosen to respawn as demoman next time you die. You cannot change disguise if you are already disguised.

Name: Forced team change bug
Explaination: Pressing N (alias changeteam) to goto the change team screen, then pressing cancel, will force you to change team when you next press jump. Very infuriating if you pressed N by accident.
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Old 07-08-2004, 11:12 PM   #27
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Originally posted by Whit
Name: Looping assault cannon sound.

Explanation: There is not a great deal to state about this bug. Upon firing the assault cannon, one can sometimes initiate a looping of sound. This can be repeated several times over (infuriating and LOUD) to the point where one must stop to type “stopsound” into the console. Valve supposedly fixed this bug with two patches (one specific TFC patch [which does little more than halt the existing assault cannon .wav file when the weapon is fired again – a rather ineffective and not always successful solution in many situations] and general Half-Life engine patch [which still did not solve the problem entirely]). In short, it has been reduced in frequency but still occurs at times.
I have found that a way to get around this bug is to fire the cannon again after the loop goes. Sometimes twice, it will turn off. When I'm HW, this bug happens about every third time I use the cannon.

Yes it is VERY annoying, mostly because the AC sound is very loud and piercing.
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Old 07-09-2004, 01:45 AM   #28
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Maybe thats why i didn't get a response from "Eric" when i sent out my bug list to him last week. Mine was no where near as professional as this one. Oh well.. I feel somewhat responsible for starting the "update TFC" wave here on steam forums last week, and I'm glad that people are jumping on the wagon to update it as well. Power speaks in numbers.Thank god Whit wrote this. We might still be here wondering if we will get a update or not. Now we are waiting instead of hoping.

Sweeeeeeeet!!. (crosses fingers)

Theres a lot more bugs there then i even knew of. whew!! Thats a lot. Thanks for getting there attention Whit. We needed it.

3 Cheers for TFC ... woohoo!
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Originally posted by Whit
Name: Passing Through Door Heals Caltrop Wounds.

Explanation: Another strange bug. When wounded by a
scout's caltrop, a player with reduced mobility can simply pass
through a door entity and have their injuries magically healed.
This may extend to sniper leg shot victims but I haven't tested
the theory.
This isn't really a bug per se, it's just a weird feature of the
HL func_door entity: Doors can give health.

You can make the doors in a Map give health by setting the
healthvalue Key (using SmartEdit in Hammer since this key
isn't supported in the fgd file).

When a player triggers a door ( either via a trigger field or a
button), a TakeHealth function is called on the player and
any non-timebased damage that the player has will be cured.

Note: Drowning a little, and then coming up for air will
also cure leg damage because the same TakeHealth
function is called on the player.

Here are some bugs that were not listed:

Name: Cap point bug in Warpath.

A weird occasional bug like the Rock2 gas suit bug:
If a player caps a point, and then an enemy player caps
the same point, the first player cannot recapture the point
unless they die.

Fixes: ?? It wasn't broken before STEAM...

Name: Well map bug.

This is an architecture related bug:
In the Blue base Flagroom, on top of the short
pipe that leads to the exterior water access (the long pipe),
a player can walk right through the wall into solid geometry.

Fixes: Fix the brushes at this location.
In fact, fix the entire network of pipes in this map.
I've personally been grenade blasted clear out of the map
from inside of these pipes on a few occasions...

Name: Badlands map bugs.

There are numerous bugs in the Badlands map:
1. The 2 ammo packs in the Blue flagroom give 100 cells,
while the ones in the Red flagroom give 75 cells.
Engineers will understand the relevance if this discrepancy...
2. The func_rotating (fan) entities do not work.
3. Architecture bug above the Red base side door, at the corner
where the Base wall meets the rock wall. You can walk partially
into the solid geometry here and "drown".
4. Missing info_tfgoal entity with a "goal_no" of 100.

1. Equalize the "ammo_cells" KeyValue for the info_tfgoal
entities in both Flagrooms.
2. The "spawnflags" KeyValue of the func_rotating entities
need to include the "SF_BRUSH_ROTATE_INSTANT" bit for
them to automatically start up after the map loads
func_button entities can be used to trigger them on and off.
3. Fix the brushes at this location.
4. Replace missing entity.
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Old 07-09-2004, 04:30 AM   #30
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Nameustbowl Respawn bug

Description: When you die on stage 2 or stage 3 of Dustbowl, you (very rare) can respawn back on stage 1 trapped behind the gates unable to continue play unless you switch classes.

This has only happened to me 3 times. Now that I think of it, they were all on the same server. Maybe I was the victim of an admin joke.
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