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Pausing in L4D2 Versus

I set up a dedicated server for L4D2. When I have players playing a versus game, sometimes a player hits esc and pauses the game for everyone.

Is this supposed to happen? Is there a way I can disable it on the server? A server.cfg setting perhaps?

This never happened in the original L4D before....
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It shouldn't pause. You can add this to your server.cfg
// Is the server pausable.
sv_pausable 0
This is the default setting for this variable and not sure why it would change. Before you set it in your server.cfg you can run a cvarlist command on your server console and see what it's currently set to.
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Is it actually pausing or are you just seeing the "Soandso paused" message in the logs? If it's the latter, it's not actually pausing, it is just the message that appears in the log when someone opens the menu.
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