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Stuck at hour 15 by transport

I can't seem to figure out how to get by the 3 robot guns when I am riding the transport. I duck down low and get by the first one and avoid the 2nd one for a short while and then get hit in the back by the first gun. HELP
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You did it already the right way.
Try to survive the first 2 Turrets and then load the gloves on the first place the transport stops with the device on the right and kill them. I would suggest to kill the next one as well before you continue the ride with fully loaded gloves.
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OK, but how do I survive the first 2 bots to get to the place to charge the gloves? So far no matter how or where I duck down on the transport I get killed by the first bot shortly after the 2nd one begins shooting.
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I have the same problem

How do you avoid getting shot by the turrets I even went back and got the boxes I used to block the laser in the last challenge and that did no good they blast them off and shoot you any way so I don't have a clue on what to do next.
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You don't have to ride all the way. Once you can glove jump over to the left do it and run to the charge station. You only have to avoid 5-6 shots before it is far enough.
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