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Buy Steam games using Send Money option in Paypal?

You can send money in Paypal to your friends as a gift or for purchase. I just wanted to know can I send money to Steam and buy games that way? Because I have a Paypal balance of 7 dollars and wanted to buy something off Steam.

Edit: If my Paypal balance is 7 dollars, how can I use it on Steam?

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Hack Scudder
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In order for that to work, there would have to be a person receiving the funds and manually unlocking the game in your account instead of the automated process that we have now. I don't see this happening. Why are you unable to select PayPal as a payment option in the checkout process?
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I don't get your post.. people send me money as a gift all the time so I get the full amount.. and with that cash in my paypal I gift them games..
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If you're trying to say how do i purchase a game using paypal then all you need to do is add the game to your cart, click "Purchase for myself" and then select the paypal method in the drop down box. It will then take you to the paypal website.

If you meant something else then i'm not sure what you mean.
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