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Talking Stubbs won't start

Ok so yesterday i bought stubbs the zombie : rebel without a pulse. The only problem is this : i start the game the screen goes black then for one second you hear the nvidia tune and the game closes down without any notice of a error. On my brothers laptop it works perfect except for the fact that my brothers video card has the wrong drivers and the game keeps freezing. I know my laptop can handle the game but it just won't start. Any help is appreciated.
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It does the EXACT thing to me, I am trying to play it on my laptop with 4 GBs of RAM, dual-core processor 2.00 ghz each, vista 64-bit, but no dedicated video or sound card.

It is a HP laptop I bought brand new in 2009 so it should also be able to play it.
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It's most likelly the graphic card drivers, some (rather) old drivers don't let stubbs work correctly under Vista/Seven.

Update them and you're good to go.
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My drivers are always up-to-date. Radeon HD5770.
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