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Exclamation Headset microphone not working with Left 4 Dead 2?

So basically my microphone stops working whenever I load up Left 4 Dead 2 (This happened with Left 4 Dead as well) it also stops working with Ventrilo too and I've tried various microphone tests (Steam, Sound Recorder, Ventrilo test) with no luck. When I try to speak in Left 4 Dead 2 people only hear what I hear through my headset (i.e game sounds and their voice feedback) rather than my voice. My headset works fine with everything else BUT the Left 4 Dead series until I run the game its self. The problem persists even after closing the game and I'm forced to restart to get it working again to use my headset with other programs (this doesn't solve the l4d2 problem). On Ventrilo rather than people hearing what I hear (like with l4d2) they just hear static.

Headset Info:

It's a Nexxtech wired double jack plug-in headset. I've got a replacement of the same model recently to see if it was faulty wiring but it didn't help.

I will provide more info if asked to the best of my ability. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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You would probably have more luck posting this in the L4D section as someone who has encountered this problem before would be more likely to stumble upon your post there.
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