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Counter Strike 1.6 CD-KEY

I'm Marcin, I have question about Steam Cd Keys.
I'm form Poland and I have buy a Counter Strike 1.6 CD KEY Steam in internet shoop allegro.pl.
We sells keys to the game Half Life: platinum collection. Here is a list of games that I buy on this auction:
Counter Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike Steamworks BETA
Deatchmatch Classic
Half-Life: Blue Shift
Opposing Force
Team Fortress Classic

Adress to auction: http://www.allegro.pl/item865923992_...omat_24_7.html

I would like to ask whether it is legal? You will not block my account for the my games on steam?\

Where can I buy your games legally? I can not order by the steam of these games with you

The game costs:

14,89 zł = 3.39 EURO (30/12/2009)

I asked the sellers if they procure the keys with you, but they did not want me to answer this question. I don't know ;/

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That is not an authorized seller. Don't purchase CD-keys over the internet. It's not legit and your account could be disabled. You can purchase a retail copy of the Counter-Strike 1 Anthology from many online retailers such as Amazon if you are unable to purchase from Steam.
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Ok, I buy in the store with computer games.
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auction which mean that the games have been installed before and there for they cd keys will be linked to a steam account already
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which means it's most likely a way to scam your money.
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That collection will be given to you if you use any half-life, blue-shift or counter-strike key from the original siera packaging and WON system. I doubt any valid and unused keys from that time are still around, and i wouldn't deal with key sellers as you can not confirm their legitimacy. only if you can find an unopened boxed version of the sierra published half-life, blue-shift, or counter-strike, can you get the collection listed in your post by entering it's key.
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