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You might want to do a vanilla playthrough first, if only to see the full extent of the many changes made by the mods. It really doesn't take all that long to finish the main questline in any case.
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The Noobisizer
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Bump for the new weekend deal buyers, CynicalNinja already did a good job of screening out the drastically overpowering mods and keeping the mostly vanilla enhancing ones in his list, my recommended choices from the OP's list to keep the game feeling vanilla without actually being vanilla (but enhancing the vanilla experience greatly) are as follows:

Note: A number of these are from the developers themselves and were just removed at the last minute or added after launch

More Gem Types
More Map Types
Additional Gem Availability
Bee Swarm
Ferret Pet
Potions Max Stacksize (Highly HIGHLY recommend getting this if nothing else)
Total Respec Mod
Starch the Monster Hunter

(Just pick two other random minor tweaking mods to have the final 2 for the modpocalypse achievement)

And if the game is too hard for you, use these

Enchant Never Wipe

Final Note: Be sure to always back up your save files, they can be found at C:\documents and settings\<username>\application data\runic games\torchlight\save (XP users, Vista and 7 are different I'm told)
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Darth Postal
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Hey, moderators, stick this, please! =)
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Quiet Gem, its the best one yet!
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Old 03-30-2010, 06:44 AM   #50
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what's Total Respec Mod for?
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Originally Posted by lanux128 View Post
what's Total Respec Mod for?
It lets you reset your skills and your attributes:

Also, yay for the sticky!
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Old 04-03-2010, 02:55 PM   #52
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thanks for the mod list
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Nice list. I don't understand why some of this stuff wasn't just implemented in the game by Runic though.
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I'm not sure why, but even when Faster Walking was my first mod, it had a conflict with the vanilla game. Anyway I can have faster walking work without a conflict? =(
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I would also like to recommend the following:

Champions Mod
Allows any monster to be selected as a 'champion'. (You know the named variety?). Warning though, some of them get pretty darned tough (Ice elementals are lethal).
Also prevents champions from being charmed and allows any tileset to be chosen for map portals.

Shaped Gems
Different shapes for each level of ember making them easily distinguishable from each other.

Monster Name Booster
Adds more names to the pool for champion monsters. Fun and a nice safe one if you're going for Modpocalypse.

Those are all available via torchleech.

Out of what you lot have mentioned already I'll also say I recommend:
Additional Gem Availability
Better Balanced Sale Prices
Better Balanced Quest Rewards (the one for items, not the one for XP, fame and gold)
Potion Stacksize
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Did anyone try the Torchlight Enhanced Textures mod?

I've just bought the game and am finishing downloading it.
I'm considering installing this mod right out from the start, because it looks really nice.

And btw, should I try to stay as vanilla as possible, or should I install these recommended mods already for the first playthrough?

EDIT: Well I have decided to install this and the Brighter Map mod. I've just played a bit (at level 2). This looks like one nice little game.

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Maybe we could get a list of MAC compatible mods?
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Thanks for this list.

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Mac mods

Brighter Map - works
Faster Walking - works
Ferret Pet - loads, don't see any change to main screen
Loot Border - loads, no effect

Potion stacking - crashes
bigger gems - crashes
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Enchant never wipes mod links me to a sight that gives MES a security warning. I would avoid this sight and link.
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