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Smile SHADERAPIDX9.DLL - The definitive (alternative) fix!

So tonight concludes probably two months of trying to resolve the SHADERAPIDX9.DLL crash present on my system pretty much ever since I ran an upgrade to Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate from XP Home 32-bit (used PCMover).

The familiar error:

LEFT4DEAD2.EXE has stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: left4dead2.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4addfda3
Fault Module Name: shaderapidx9.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 4afdf1cf
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000305c6
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

..also applies to CSS, Portal and others.

System state was otherwise healthy:

1. Start -> Run -> msinfo32 - the information in this window is fully provided, no 'WMI components may be missing' message.
2. Network connections fully functioning (no red 'X' in system tray at lower right).
3. WMIMGMT (Windows Management Instrumentation service, accessible by Start -> Run -> services.msc) is enabled and set to Automatic. System restore is working correctly and able to create new restore points.

..nevertheless, over the past two months I tried all the fixes listed at this forum and elsewhere:

A. Adding the NETWORK SERVICE account to the Administrators group.
B. Running a WMI repair (/salvagerepository in Windows 7, no reboot needed).
C. Rebuilding WMI (deleting the Repository folder and allowing it to be reconstructed).
D. Upgrading graphics and soundcard drivers.
E. Disabling sound card.
F. Changing DirectX level in the game start-up properties.
G. Editing DXSUPPORT.CFG in the game's BIN directory beneath the Steam parent folder to support custom resolutions (see http://www.chatbear.com/unity2/4986/...6488?v=flatold)
J. Enabling Compatibility Mode.
K. Installing DirectX 9.0C SDK (likely no effect).
L. Setting the screen resolution to a low, square value such as 1024x768.
M. Uninstalling Daemon Tools.
N. Removing and reinstalling WMI (cobbled together from some steps designed for a different OS, involved trashing folders and registry entries, then running a Windows repair installation to restore to full working order).
O. Windows 7 repair (aka. Upgrade) installation. This is launched from within Windows and cannot be started by booting from the install disc.
P. Verifying game cache integrity.
Q. Renaming entire Steam directory to something else and starting fresh.
R. Deleting only ClientRegistry.blob and restarting Steam.
S. Running Steam in Compatibility Mode.
T. Restoring system-wide registry and file permissions.
U. Modifying WMIDIAG utility to run under Windows 7 (with the Force switch) and correcting all outstanding issues listed in the error report.

...EVERYTHING EXCEPT a re-format! I refuse to reformat my system! And therefore it was lucky that the following workaround existed:

Stop and set to Disabled the Windows Management Instrumentation service. (Services.msc). However, I found out this also disables System restore functionality; something I was not willing to accept.

Further exploration after ditching the problem over Christmas and New Year led me to the Event Viewer, which pointed me to some more detailed error reports, stored here:

C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Wi ndows\WER\ReportArchive

As I experimented with the files, I noted that L4D2 was in fact able to load many more modules AFTER shaderapidx9.dll and was falling over after the following two lines:

FriendlyEventName=Stopped working

As a result of the much tinkering I had done re-registering MOF files within the SYSWOW64\WBEM and SYSTEM32\WBEM folders, for *some* reason it occurred to me that perhaps wbemsvc.dll and fastprox.dll would also exist in the SYSWOW64 wbem folder... and they both do...

A combination of renaming files followed - until I had established that L4D2 attempts to load both versions of fastprox.dll - from SYSTEM32\WBEM and SYSWOW64\WBEM... however I explored my Windows 7 install DVD and fastprox.DLL does not exist, it would appear, by default in the SYSWOW64\WBEM folder! Not a clue why or how it's here, I will dig through my backups later..

for all who have scrolled to the bottom:

1. Gain ownership of C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\WBEM\FASTPROX.DLL and assign yourself Full control of the file if necessary.
2. Rename FASTPROX.DLL at this location to FASTPROX.DLLOLD
3. All steam games will now launch without shaderapidx9.dll error. System restore can still successfully generate restore points.

PLEASE NOTE - I have not yet been testing for long enough to establish why this file is here, what placed it here and what function it was doing before. A friend of mine has a new laptop with Windows 7 64 bit and this system does have a FASTPROX.DLL in the SYSWOW64 wbem folder, however they are able to run L4D2 and other games without issue. If I find out any more behind this I'll post back but I am thoroughly sick of trying to resolve it!

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is not a real good fix... some fix are only this: enable super-admin mode, but this is not good for all vista/se7en players... so this bug need a very real fix and without enable super-admin mode... and without this edit of files...
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Originally Posted by PSX View Post
I have not yet been testing for long enough to establish why this file is here, what placed it here and what function it was doing before.
I've tested the idea on two computers with new installation of windows 7.
1. Works, but starting TF2 looks with strange deformations of screen.
2. Statrting TF2 with different resolution, but exiting with message "Your graphics hardware must support at least pixel shader version 1.1 to run this game!". The same result with disabled WMI

BUT it correct works with launch option -autoconfig -w xxxx!

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Wow. It worked! This issue has been driving me NUTS!

Hmm..the question is, what used the dll that we have now renamed?
Surely something will now fail to run.

Thanks for tracking this down though. Hopefully the steam folks will see your fix and figure out what to do to prevent it without having to rename fastprox.dll.

Thanks again!

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"Your graphics hardware must support at least pixel shader version 1.1 to run this game!" Driving me nuts. Reloaded TF2, entered "autoconfig" in the launch options... still getting the "pixel shader 1.1" error. Just can't figure it out, been playing TF2 for a week on this pc and all of a sudden got this message and it won't load... HELP!!!
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Acid Burn NL
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This is the only thing that worked for me. I've tried every fix on the web and this one finally did it. But I agree with dboniuk, I wonder what put it there and why.

No pixelshader errors on this end.
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As far as I can tell, the fastprox.dll is part of WMI. As some WMI issues have been blamed for this issue, it is not supprising.I can only assume that removing this dll is going to cause some issues with WMI, but I would rather have my games working than WMI.

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I can't get full acess to fastprox.dll, acess is denied when i try to give me full acess

I'm using windows 7 ultimate. help?
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Thumbs up

THANK YOU PSX!!!!!!! \o/

Not in a million years would i have found the problem, and i know my way around windows quite well...

SDK was working fine 12 hours ago and all of a sudden without changing anything, haven't installed any additional software since yesterday, haven't done any cleaning since a few days ago...
Nothing on my PC has changed at all and all of sudden this Rogue ninja DLL starts causing problems..

Just out of curiosity, where did you stumble upon this life saving solution?

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unFREAKINGbelievable! You, sir, are a genius, and this thread needs to be optimized to come up at the top of the Google results!!!
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This thread is at the top of a Google search on this error And I hope it stays there, because it helped me out, too.

Anyone figure out why this fix works yet?
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Thanks for posting up this fix chaps - its been doing my head in for weeks but finally got it working!
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I'm using Windows XP and this fix did not solve my problem
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I got a new Dell with Win 7 64-bit last Tuesday. After migrating everything from my XP 32-bit system using PCMover everything seemed to be working (mostly) fine except Portal, HL2, etc...no luck at all with those regardless of the two million suggestions posted in various fora. I'd resigned myself to the fact that even if I got the games to run I'd have no idea what steps I took actually made a difference.

Gave up on it altogether on Sunday and reverted to my "factory new" condition. Installed Steam and Portal ran just fine. Real mix of relief and utter annoyance there.

Tried a migration again, excluding the Steam directory. No difference; Portal broke again.

Tried a migration again, but uninstalled Steam and excluded the Steam directory from copying over. No difference.

Today I'm doing another migration, but gutted Steam and all associated games and folders from the old machine first. I'll be curious to see whether that works.

This is the first thread I've seen in awhile that didn't seem to be repeating things I'd seen elsewhere, and the mention of PCMover in particular gives me hope.

Rest assured that if this works I'll be in touch with Steam Support and Laplink suggesting this be noted prominently. I haven't spent this much time fussing over my computer since I de-RAID'ed it a couple of years back...I barely had enough free hard drive space to make that work!

Whether or not this helps me out, thank you so much for the suggestion.

It's an only slightly amusing oddity that Lost Coast seems to work regardless.

ETA - This (mostly) ended up fixing my issues! I'm still having problems where the games crash if I switch windows and then try to get back in, but at least they actually run now! I suspect my other issue can be resolved with less invasive tweaking.

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