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Steam add-on/stand-alone chat-program

Okay, now I've searched the forum, and a similar post doesn't seem to exist.

I would suggest some kind of a stand-alone chat program for Steam. For your laptop eg. to chat with steam friends when not or your gamecom. Maybe it could just be a flash program or something.

I know that Steam is not some kind of chat program, but I find it useful sometimes when I am on my laptop. And it should not be that hard to implement.
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Blood Work
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Steam: Messenger.

I'd prefer they don't make a native application when it's already integrated into steam.

It would be more sensible to improve the social networking concept into a web application where you chat to people through the steam site. Join into the group chats and also officially region based steam groups.

Would be nice to log onto the steam site and instead of the forums we can actually chat to each other and expand our friends list.
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I wonder what this would be good for. Steam's quite small, just install it on not-your-gamecom and chat from there.
A web-based chat is another topic though.
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