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FFXI class not registered error

so I recently purchased ffXI and when I try to run it, steam says it's unavailable at this time. so I open the steamapps folder and run the .exe's and play online viewer tells me that the class is not registered. I tried running a different executable from the playonline site that works for vista. and it worked, however it told me that FFXI was not installed. any help would be appreciated
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I got this error after accidentally deleting the local game content; I'm running windows 7. After the installation got done putting ffxi back on, pol gives this error trying to execute. The issue seems related to the the new installation failing to utilize the old configuration files. I launched the ffxi and pol configs, and the settings were still exactly where I left them. But when you actually boot them, they don't follow the configuration each is set to whatsoever.

I thought I could trick pol by system restoring, and tricking it into thinking my registry was older than it was. It actually worked, it boots now, but doesn't get too far without network errors. I also tried right clicking the game in the steam window, choosing properties > local files > verify integrity of game cache. It spotted some cache errors and fixed them. Now the system almost get to booting ffxi, but it's still ignoring the config files, booting full screen, and crashing.

So as much as a pain in the butt as it was, I removed both ffxi and steam. Reinstalled the steam client again, and reinstalled ffxi from there. I guess the config files are still on my hdd somewhere, because the settings still haven't changed. However, now pol is updating itself and running like normal, and ffxi is doing the same. Seems to be fixed.

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hey, had this error today.

here is how i fixed it:
steam thought it was running compatibility mode so i followed these instructions http://www.edugeek.net/forums/gaming...lity-mode.html and it ran correctly for me.

hope this helps.
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