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Lag problems in Greed

Hello folks! I have a huge problem. You see, I get a very low framerate when in combat (we're talking like 5-6 frames per sec), or when there is to much objects on the screen overall. "Bad computer system" you may think, but I don't think it can really be that. I got a AMD Athlon 64 4600+ @ 2.4GHz(dual-core), 4GB DDR2 RAM memory @ 533MHz, an ASUS motherboard called M2N-NM (Packard Bell: Sydney) and last but not least, an ASUS GTX 260 896MB. This is run on an swedish Windows Vista 32-bit. No components are overclocked and all drivers are up-to-date.

I have tried to play Greed in muliple screen resolutions, with both highest and lowest graphical settings, but my framerate are always extremely low, especially in combat or when blowing something up.

I've checked how much RAM and CPU the game uses, and at that point I'm kinda safe. Viewing history when I've just been in combat I see that I have used about 60-70% of the CPU, and constantly 2,4GB RAM (Where 1,6GB RAM are the system). So it must be the graphics card, is my idea. Anyone seen similar problems or have a clue what to do?
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Alright, is there any way to get a console up and get a fps/GPU usage/RAM usage/CPU usage report and see if there is anything I can do myself?
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The new EVGA Precision has that. Get it at guru3d.com.Coretemp for cpu.
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Headup Games
Headup Games
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Just FYI, ClockStone and us are working on the patch, but it is still in beta phase. But something will come.

Actually the STEAM version runs already on patch 1.1 beta version 3.
In our German forums, we have also released 1.1 beta version 4, but I do not think you can use this with the STEAM version. As there is still one more important bug from our perspective, we have asked the developer to fix this first before we go "gold" with patch 1.1 final version which will then also go live on STEAM of course.
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That's good to hear. I myself was wondering about the framerate issues too. I don't get as low as the OP but given the fact that this game doesn't exactly have Crysis graphical quality, it was rather weird to see such a low framerate. Explosions are the worst for that.

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I'm very disappointed to not be able to play at the game because of the lag.

In steam system requirement they ask for a Pentium 4 3GHz or comparable...

I got : Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHz, 4Gb Ram, GeForce8800GT, win7 32bits

I try to play with a 800x600 resolution with all settings to low and I got the same lag.
I just can't play this game...
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