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Post Mass Effect 2 DLC and Cerberus Network registration

Note: If you have purchased Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, the game will show as "Mass Effect 2" in your My Games tab.

Please take the following steps to activate your access to the bonus items in the game:

1. Right-click on the game and select "View game CD Key"
2. Copy any additional CD Keys you may have for additional content
3. Double-click on the game in your "My Games" tab and select "Mass Effect 2 Launcher"
4. Select "Downloadable Content" from the menu
5. Log in to your Bioware account and register your keys. Note that DLC keys appear *WITH* dashes.
6. Start Mass Effect 2 and log in to your in-game Cerberus Network account to view and activate your DLC.

Please note that bonus or additional content keys appear *WITH* dashes.

Keys which appear without dashes can be used to register your game on Bioware's site.

If you see further issues with activating any content, please check with EA Support as listed here:

Mass Effect 2
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