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Click and Buy as a reliable payment method?

I posted a ticket at Steam Support, but they advised me to start a topic here.
So here is my topic.

At the beginning of this month I bought Battelfield: Bad Company 2. I choose Click and Buy as payment method, since I don't have a credit card.
It seemed that C&B isn't a reliable service, since they charge you for registration costs, they don't even make. They try to make people pay more then they need to.
I had the same thing. I deposited the amount that I payed for Battlefield and they said they would charge back Battlefield. And I even had to pay €15,00 to them. After sending an email, I didn't get response. After I called them on the phone today, they immedeately responded and said I don't have to pay anything.
When I search for Click and Buy on the internet, I found a lot of forums and articles saying they are a scam. And in my eyes they are. Because if I didn't complain, and just payed, then I would have payed for the scam, and they probably would have charged the money back from Steam/Valve. So that I payed €64,99 and don't even have a game.
The way it solved for me was lucky, because when I read some stories of other people having problems with C&B, I really was lucky I talked to one on the phone and got it solved.

In my opinion Steam/Valve should consider continuing doing business with them. Because even at some forums the name Steam is mentioned as doing business with them.
I have 1 forum where there are many people who are victims of them, it's only in dutch. But it's the forum of Tros Radar, a television program who mostly deals with scams like this. http://forum.www.trosradar.nl/viewto...p?f=24&t=62251.

I think it's better for Steam to stop using Click and Buy as a payment method. Because it might result in losing customers. And an extra tip: using iDeal as a payment method could result in many more customers from the Netherlands, because that is a popular payment method used in The Netherlands. And it is a method where the payment comes directly from the banks, so if a customer has no money, there will be no purchase instead of having to send payment-reminders and eventually having to charge everything back.
In the Netherlands the only option, if you don't have a credit cards, is to rely on third parties like Click and Buy. An other option is iDeal. For instance, Blizzard used iDeal already a few years ago so Dutch players could pay their game easily and directly.

I hope my story is clear. If not, don't hestitate to ask me for clearance.
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I can't seem to find too much information about Click and Buy on the internet (apart from the official website.) Can you provide us with with links to some of those websites you were talking about?
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Don't go near this bunch of charlatans. They will take money from your account when not instructed to do so.

It took 2 weeks for me to finally get a reply from them when they were bleeding my account dry. When they did contact me eventually all I got was and I quote

ClickandBuy is not entitled to cancel purchases as these are legal contracts between yourself and the provider.
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I use clicandbuy. Never had an issue with it.
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lol, i am trying to purchase L4D2 using ClickandBuy, but steam won't let me ~.~
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I use C&B because most of the time Steam credit card payments fail. So I'm kinda forced to use their service. But honestly, I never had a problem with them. I actually considered impementing their solution on my own website.

You can search for any payment processor you want. You'll find tons of scam reports for all of them.
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totally agree on the netherlands part :P
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these bullters got me too
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Thumbs down clickanddie

got me 2 now i have suspended account with #3000+ worth of games
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