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Question How to install mods and mutators??

How do i install mods and mutators in all UT's??
I tried many things but they didnt work...
I m borred of it...
These aren't the only games where I have this problem with
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Well, for game of the year edition, you can try this guide


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Or this for two other game versions (that's a sticky!)...

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UT2004 mutators installed into game folder
UT3 mutators installed into My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament folder or into Game folder "Optional and not recommended for regular players"
http://adrenalineparty.com has a ut2004 tutorial how to install UT2004RPG mutator on your server. If you installing mutator for client, you would not have to edit any files, simply copy them to game folders and enjoy.

If mutator comes only as files, you need to copy those files to correct folders. To figure out which file belongs to what folder, look at this file extension and copy/move it to folder with files with same extension.
For example: All Texstures have .utx extension and all Static Meshes have .usx extension.
Home that helps
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