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How long did it take you to beat it?

I haven't tried the puzzle mode yet, but the "main" game took me about 3.2 hours to finish. I still think for 84 levels @ 7 levels per world over 12 worlds that wasn't bad.

Of course I played easy and other than 1 continue, when I didn't understand the black/dark quantz, I think I did ok.

So How's everyone else faring on the game?
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I'm not sure that you can call any part of this a "main game". But, for what it's worth: In the (according to Steam) 14.4 hours I've been playing, I have made a complete first pass through both Action and Strategy, and re-visited two Action and three Strategy worlds to get my "advanced guardian" for over 1,000,000 points at each. (Which seems a little odd, as my first pass through some of those worlds topped 2,000,000 each...) I've also solved about ten puzzles.

Of course, I have to say that I do not understand the emphasis on speed. The game is there to enjoy, not to race through...
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