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Who wants to bet EAs servers will be down on release?

Every single multiplayer EA game that uses their servers ever has had problems on release. Who wants to bet that will apply here and we won't be able to play?
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who no's there might be or there might be nt, but this is EA we are talking about sooo yeh i agres with you
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Yes, this will happen.

If there's one thing the launching of DAO proved to me, it was that no gaming company understands first day load. You would think they'd contract some cloud servers from google or the like for the first week until players scaled back down. Instead, come launch day, DLC is unavailable and games are broken.

That being said, ME2 actually managed to be successful, largely because DLC was released as stand-alone exes and the Cerebus network was a simple login. This game will be virtually unplayable for at least 12 hours if it sells well.

And since EA has neglected to properly allow digital preorder via Steam, they will not be accurately predicting the number of people who will purchase and play on day 1.
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Hey Pinworm, don't worry about it, you can sit back and play the single player campaign while you wait... oh wait, you can't because you need to be connected to their servers to play.

Man, that must get frustrating to buy a game and not be able to play it because of forces out of your control.
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Hey guys, EA muliplayer servers are up and running. I'm going to play single player first. I dying to know how they end the story.
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