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Dumped to desktop at end of a game round

Every so often, after a game round ends, my game closes completely and dumps me back to the destop.

There's no warning, no slowdown, no issues whatsoever during the game. It just every so often, at the end of a round, the game closes and I'm staring at the Steam UI on the desktop.

It's nothing game-breaking, because my stats are kept when I reboot the game. But it's kinda annoying.

Anyone else have this issue occasionally?

Is it a bug? Is it the server shutting down?

What is it?
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If the server shut down that wouldn't effect your game, just the match you was playing, must be annoying. All I could advise is to check your events manager to see if the games closing its self, I'm not really a P.c boff, no doubt some one will be able to help more.
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I can't figure it out.

Doesn't happen all the time, just once in a while.

Sucks because I would be on a server with a bunch of awesome players and then suddenly at the end of a round, it goes POOF.

Like once a match ends and it shows the ending cut-scene for a win or a loss, the game disappears and I'm on the desktop.

There's no sudden shutdown warning or errors or anything.
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I always recommend posting your full system specs firstly, to make sure we have an idea what you running w/ the game.

Now, have you tried to update all your drivers ie mobo, sound & gfx?

Have you manually updated PB?
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so let me get this streat you are in a game having fun i gess then bang the game closes cos it happend to me once the PC but it also happens on the Xbox 360 it done it 3 time on the 360 i think it is a bug or some sort but not a game stoping bug just one that makes you angry cos you have to restart the game and that but yea
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