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Railworks unresponsive when clicking Start Simulator

On my iMac running Vista, I downloaded this game from Steam, I tested my graphics, and clicked "Start Simulator", nothing happened. I turned off User Account Control in Accounts, and then I saw the following message:

PhysXLoader.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

I googled "download Physx NVidia" and downloaded the Physx drivers. I still had the same problem, but after a reboot the game launched, and in playing one easy simulation, I really enjoyed it.
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Whoa, wait, an iMac runs Windows? How cool is that! Did you need to hack the crap out of it? I'm just curious, as we don't see a lot of Apple users here. BTW, welcome to our little community, BuffNeff.
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You need a GeForce 8000 series or above to be able to use PhysX.
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