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C. Manson
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This looks like a cool game

The consept is really cool.
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I bought it from a Gamestop used, and was expecting pretty much garbage.

I was pleasently surprised what my $25 USD(this was when it had only been out for a week or so, apparently someone returned it) got me in that little box.

It's actually a really really deep game, and especally around halfway through it becomes much less "action/horror" based and much more "philosophy/hope battling evil/good spirits vs evil spirits". It doesn't do anything particularly special or unique gameplay wise, but what it does do, it does rather well.

I'd recommend it, but be warned of a few minor glitches/gripes:

-On older cards, graphics don't show properly. Nothing game breaking, except for one gun you won't see the ammo for(the water gun), but you can counter that by learning where it hits.

-If you don't like games where you really have to conserve ammo, you'll need an ammo console cheat about the time you get the chaingun weapon. They give it to you and for the next few levels/areas/chapters it is one of the few weapons that mow down enemies fast enough to let you survive, but the ammo is extremely hard to find. This might just be the result of me playing badly though, as I tend to miss quite a bit with the guns in this game.(It's a lot more 'realistic' about firing the guns, with kickback, inaccurate sights, just like the real things, so if you are used to the standard FPS "helper aim" stuff, prepare to get your head handed to you.)

-Save a lot, often, possibly in many save files(one per chapter should be fine, as no chapter is longer then about 30 minuites). There were many parts of the game where you can easily be killed outright, often for reasons that you couldn't fully grasp till after the event/enemy struck. Especally in the first half where your health and weapons are really wimpy, and the ice, platforms, ect do a lot of "dramatic collapsing".

-You can't save in the memory flashback things. This most of the time is ok, because they are quite short, but there are a few that are rather long or tricky to do, and failing anything in them will send you straight back into "reality", forcing a complete do over of the scene. It was rather irritating, and I often wished they had at least enabled a quick save, but given the action and events going on in the flashbacks, there was probably some technical glitch that kept them from doing it properly. Just be warned that this game has segments you will need to do several times to "unravel" what you are supposed to do. The good thing is that dying in the memories won't force you to load your save, as it just places you back in reality right by the body to try entering their mind again.

In other words, pretty much your standard stuff for a Survival Horror game.

I will say, the story and especally the way it is very skillfully told one piece at a time, along with the chilling cold of the enviorment, make the game well worth the troubles you might encounter playing it. I don't want to spoil anything, as I think the game itself will speak much louder then words alone ever could, but if you really pay attention to the philosophy and truly take the time to think about what metaphors could be represented in the ship, the cold, and the people around you, you're in for a really amazing trip.

Alas, the only real problem was that after playing it, I didn't have any reason to return to it. It definetly goes under my list of games that are a must play, even with some of it's frusterating, but nessesary for the plot segments. If you can find it for sale, pick it up, if you're into that sort of game. Give it a chance, it's actually really cool(pun not intended).

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I started playing on Win7 64 RC before I switched to retail version and though I haven't started playing again since I installed the Win7 retail, I really liked the demo and what I had played of the full game before hand. It's a nice horror survival game without the clunky RE controls.
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