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Talking Ars Technica: EA's mouthpiece foiled by Command and Conquer DRM


Even paid fan-boys find this ridiculous.
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Found I didnt want to buy it anyway. Its crap. Command and Conquer in name only. Apart from that they may as well paste the long movies in it together and make it a film. Mega linear and no base building. Thats not the command and conquer I used to like. Ok so they used a familiar actor or 2 for the movie elements but apart from that its nothing like the game I liked. Will appeal to DOW2 fans but probably not those who liked the earlier DOW game play. The ridiculous DRM loaded on top of a crap game. RIP Command and Conquer. I know its meant to be the last of Kane, but they should have just given it up before it got this bad.

Just glad I got to see it before I actually made the mistake of buying it. I was actually looking forward to this...... Nothing better than finally getting to NUKE or Orbital bombard an enemy base or 2. Sadly not possible anymore.
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