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Chompy Frank
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"Failed to contact Key Server"

Right then.

I've played this game already, both on and offline, so it's not a first time activation error.

This game was working fine and it was brilliant and all that jazz, but when I got 5% in, after you rescue the doctors, I couldn't get through the door. What would happen is that when I pressed a directional key it would beep, then beep continuously until I let it go.

I also had this problem with TF2 a while back but I updated my soundcard and it worked fine afterwards, so I tried the same thing because I heard BM:AA had some issues with some soundcards. Now every time I try to launch it in offline mode I get a "cannot connect to key server" error.

I can't launch in online mode here because the internet is just too slow and it physically cannot launch steam anymore. (It used to). I can get on my browser fine, hence this, and I can still download stuff but it's slooow.

I also had a really interesting "Your purchase is still being processed" thing happen when I tried to log on yesterday but OT.

Are there any workarounds that will work without me hauling to a different city just to get onto the network? I'm using the new interface atm; I can't remember how long ago the online mode broke, so do you think that could be an issue?

TL;DR: Offline mode, weird error, whaaaaaaah, fixpls. sorry for the length.
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