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The Bodygroup console command

This thread is for people who don't know of its existance yet. Its a very useful console command, if you don't feel like reading a wall of text, scroll down for the summary.

Have you ever noticed in Team Fortress 2, the classes have hatless models, or in Episode 1 that Gman has no briefcase? But in Gmod there are no specific models for these body types.
Well, this console command can change a models bodygroup, it goes like this: Place your crosshair over the model in question and type: ent_fire !picker setbodygroup # and place a certain number in place of "#". This command edits the model in question, like removing default headgear of the TF2 classes or adds Headcrabs to the HL2 zombie models. By default, ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 3 changes ragdolls, and ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1 changes weapon models. Below is a list of what this code can accomplish:

type "ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 3" (minus the quotation marks) to edit the following ragdolls:
Gman: Removes Briefcase
Zombie's, Zombie Torso's and Zombines: Adds headcrab so you don't have to kill an NPC with the crowbar anymore
Antlions and Antlion Workers: Midflight wings
Manhack: Rotating blades
Metrocop: Deploying a manhack (just a folded up manhack behind his shoulder)
L4D1+2 Smoker (Needs to be downloaded): Removes tongue
TF2 Engineer: Hatless
TF2 Demoman: Smiley taped to groin
TF2 Scout: Hatless
TF2 Heavy: Invisible hands
TF2 Soldier: Hatless+ Rocket in his hand
TF2 Sniper: Hatless and arrows in his quiver
TF2 Spy: Disguise mask, the Spy has about a dozen different skins, each skin is a different mask
DoD:S Player Models: Removes Helmet

Weapon Models (ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 1)
TF2 Huntsman (bow+arrows): Removes arrow
TF2 Medigun: Removes hose thingy
TF2 Bottle-o-Scrumpy: Breaks it
TF2 Sandvich: Takes a bite out of it, fatty
TF2 Chocolate bar: Hork it down, porky
HL2:dM S.L.A.M.: Laser tripwire sensor

Other bodygroups:
-Poison Zombie: I didn't want to waste the whole day finding all the bodygroups, I just found at least entering numbers 2-11 changes the amounts of Headcrabs on it.
-TF2 Scout: bodygroup 1 removes his baseball cap, leaving his headset, bodygroup 2 does the opposite.
-TF2 Sniper: bodygroup 1: Puts arrows in his quiver, bodygroup 2 removes his hat.
-TF2 Soldier: Alot of bodygroups for this one, you might wanna write them down: 1:Rocket in hand. 2: Hatless. 4: Gentle Mannes Service Medal. 5: Medal+Rocket. 6:Hatless+Medal 7:Hatless+Rocket+Medal
L4D1 Infected: 4: No head. Still working on finding the limbless.

Thats all I know of, if you find any others feel free to post them. I'd be happy for your help and will add them to this list (with credits to you of course).

The gist for people who don't like to read alot:
place crosshair over a model, open console and enter "ent_fire !picker setbodygroup" (minus ") and enter a number. 3 usually works with certain ragdolls, 1 works with weapon models, and 1-11 changes certain TF2 models and the poison zombie.

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cool, i didn't know about this. Thanks
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Thanks man!

Bump for great justice!
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ent_fire !picker setbodygroup 2
for soldier without helmet and without rocket in da hand :3
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