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How to run Settlers 7 in Window

Find the Settlers7 folder in your Documents folder.

Open the Options.ini file with Notepad.

Change the following line:

Fullscreen = 1
Fullscreen = 0

Game will then run in Windowed mode. (you have to do it while the game is NOT running)

For the demo there was another command to put in this file. It took me at least 20 minutes to figure that out, so I was hoping I could save someone else those 20 minutes with a post here.

Pretty good game, btw.

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Thanks, I was wondering this just today while I'm working I'd like to be playing at the same time and the window mode will allow me to do that on my second monitor.

Although, strangely enough it doesn't look nearly as good as it does full screen, it's almost like they automatically turn off some options when I play in a window.

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