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Jumping Issue


I have an issue where i can't seem to jump high enough. For example, in the room (in chapter 1 right after the room where everything falls apart) where you move the platform left to right to go over the electrified sludge, I cannot jump up on any of the crates, even the small ones.

It still jumps, just not high enough to get up onto anything.

Same problem with the cart you use to jump into the tram at the end of chapter 1. I can't jump up high enough to get on the cart.

Not crouching. Is there any kind of known fix for this?
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Crouch-jumping will likely be necessary.

Simply this is the act of Jumping and then Crouching almost simultaneously, so you are able to reach higher positions that would otherwise be denied you with a regular Jump or for enabling you to fit through tight spaces such as Windows, that would not allow you to pass if you tried to move through them while standing.

In Counter-Strike 1.6 you press Jump, then Crouch.

In Counter-Strike:Source you press Crouch (very quickly), then Jump, then Crouch again. "
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I hate not being able to jump on crates like "normal". You have to use crouch-jump, and you may have to play with it a bit.
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