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I am disappointed

Dearest Taleworlds,

I realize that much of the focus has been on the multiplayer aspect of the game, and that you are a small development shop, but I am quite disappointed by Warband.

The single player aspect of the game is quite neglected, very much unfinished with debug messages, unimplemented features (ie. ransoming for a captured lord), and buggy quests - I feel like you took the campaign from the original game, put in placeholders for all of the things that you wanted to do and left it at that. That you included it in the game should mean that it is at least in a workable state, otherwise you are misleading your customers. All of the complaints people had about the interface in the first version are still present in this version. I haven't had the chance to try the multiplayer yet, so hopefully the attention it was given shows.

Certainly my good will from the original game carries over, and I'll stick with you guys as you hopefully patch the game, but I feel like it was very unprofessional of you to release the product in the state that it is in. Perhaps you are relying on modders to fill in the gaps. For indie games, one perhaps expects a certain number of rough edges, but this is just amateur.
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Perhaps a little harsh - considering most games nowadays come with bugs, dropped promised features, DLC already in the game just waiting for more money to unlock, etc., from AAA developers.

They are working on the bugs apparently with the recent patches.

For me, for the enjoyment of what is here, hands down best $30 I ever spent on a game. This game is on a totally different level than most other games out there, and I can forgive the bugs and a little rough around the edges, but it is definately NOT amateurish.

In it's current state I am neglecting my Bad Company 2 and Just Cause 2 to play this game - that says it all.
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No game, AAA or otherwise should be charging full release price for half finished software. Especially if they don't patch it up to snuff. If taleworlds had charged me 60 dollars for this game as it is now and calling it a finished product, I would be trying to get a refund.

As it stand I'm going to adopt a wait and see here. If they patch out the bugs/beta code, great. If not, then this will be my last taleworlds title purchased at release. It's possible to get the original Mount and Blade for 10 dollars or less currently (http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trk...ount+and+blade) and it will happen for their future games as well.
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There are bugs and dropped features in every title, sure.

Then there are games which ship with debug output turned on, script errors on core functionality (try doing a prison break, for example), features that give the message UNIMPLEMENTED when you try to use them, game breaking bugs such as a blank popup window every 20 seconds, numerous typos, half finished quests (for example, when involved with one of the count's daughters, you occasionally get a request from her to come back to the castle. This does nothing except complete the quest), silly quests (spend 20 minutes guiding this herd of cattle across the map), etc.

I mean, I loved the first game, but this seems like a version with a few new tweaks, at the expense of a whole bunch of stuff getting broken.I'll go back to Prophecy of Pendor I think for my M&B fix.
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Yeah, I wish they would have spent some more time in Single Player, since in my opinion it's the best part of the game. But we know some MODs will come out eventually, and maybe if we're lucky Tale Worlds will even do something about it. Pretty much wait I guess, and Keep your head up man! (I'm doing my best to try and like Warband, "fixing" couch damage sure helped)
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I'm still having a ton of fun with the game personally. I never played mods in the first one, so I'm enjoying the improvements. With the whole kingship thing I actually feel like I have an ultimate goal to try and achieve.

I don't think OP has played BF:BC2 (DICE/EA) or Empire:TW (Creative Assembly/SEGA) on release - if he did he wouldn't be so critical of Taleworlds I think.

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At the moment I am greatly enjoying the multiplayer but the single player game indeed is unfinished and not having played it much I cannot comment on how unfinished. Getting a serious error message come up on a quest after playing for ten minutes though is not good. It will take some work to finish the programming on this game I think. Its been released too early and it is deceiving customers. Should have been released as a multiplayer addon only for the moment. Dont want my money back as yet but depends on how the patches come.

Its true that Empire Total War and other far larger games by far bigger developers and publishers have lately been bugged to hell on release. Its the state of the gaming situation at the moment and its pretty sad. However I feel this game deserve more respect than other more expensive ones as you can see the love and attention thats going into it. Ubisoft - they just are greedy pure and simple, I have no intention of getting another game from them.

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