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Red face Dawn of War 2 problems

Ok, are any of you guys having these problems:
- Some armor/weapon unlock pictures (for campaign) have the word IMG with a multitude of colours in the background
- All your units always want to melee instead of doing a ranged attack (The melee button hotkey, Z, is always turned on and cannot be deactivated. This is for the campaign. I haven't tried multiplayer because I'd assume it would act in the same way.)

Any one else having these problems? (BTW, I don't have Chaos Rising)
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Do you have any mods installed? Or even old mod files left from the previous patch?
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The weird armour is a bug it's stuff that the NPC's are supposed to get and not you you are free to destroy them if you wish for some easy XP you were not supposed to get them in game anyway trade them for XP. There is a fix coming for this but this only happens if you go and play the DOW2 campaign after installing the expansion.

No idea about the melee thing.

Try searching here: http://community.dawnofwar2.com/

There may be someone with the same issue.
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