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"memory leak" in "Forge"

Basically it seems there is some sort of bug in this new level, at wave 25 (the last) when the fast purple robots appear, my frame rate always drops incredibly low, which didn't seem too bad except for the fact that there is definitely less than 75 aliens on the level.

So i changed my resolution from 1280x720 to 800x600 and of course noticed a big improvement, no problem.

Except then i skipped back to the same point and tried a different strategy, this time still in 800x600 and the same slowdown started to happen, and the FPS went down to about 3 or perhaps even 2, so this time i changed my resolution up to 1024x768 and again noticed a big performance increase!

Clearly there's something wrong with this part of the level and i can only think it's some sort of memory leak or something that only normally gets flushed during resolution change that's blocking the metaphorical pipes... has anyone else experienced this kind of effect?
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I didn't notice it, even while frapsing.
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