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Elite Units of Americas DLC not Available for USA RTI Ch.4

In Road to Independence Final Chapter (4) I am unable to recruit any USA DLC Units, even though I have actually completed the US campaign twice and maxed out buildings. I want to add that I own every other dlc released including latest Elite Units of the East. I have also met the building requirements with Military Governor's Barracks in New York,Maryland, Virginia...no luck..can't recruit Delaware in Pennsylvania either

On the other hand, already finished a British campaign and 33rd foot is available from the start I have also unlocked every other British DLC unit during the campaign with no problems....For some reason it is just the USA DLC America Units, I get the Marines and the US Legion in the campaign with no problems. I also get the Royal Duponts French Regiment during the campaign.

I have tried deleting the scripts folder as well as verifying integrity of the cache numerous times. No luck.

I have actually performed two reinstalls of Empire. Both times manually deleting the remains of Empire in Documents and Settings\Konrad\Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Empire as well as in the Main Folder Under Steam\Common to make sure each install is clean.

I also have no mods installed as I freshly reinstalled...again

I own the SF Boxed edition bough on date of release and all dlc including Warpath and East. Both times I encounter a similar bug. I meet all requirements for building the Elite units of America for USA. Even when I bought the Americas DlC on the release date USA Americas DLC units were not available in campaign but I thought to be patient and with a patch they will fix it.

Seen a couple post on the internet people having same problem.

Of course all units show up with proper names and descriptions in custom battles. Also encountered USA Americas DLC units while playing as the British in Campaign.

I have no idea what to do anymore, I feel like I ran out of options to fix this bug.

I want to add that I am up to 1.6 patched up.

Please help, and I kindly apologize for such a long annoying post but I had to make this is last try to see if anyone has a solution.

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