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is episodes from liberty city on games for windows live yet?

well it's obviously not going to be on steam, so is this on gfwl yet? i have tried checking but gfwl is so awful that i just can't find anything (i couldn't even find the search option). So can you pre order on gfwl and is gfwl overpriced or should i just buy retail?
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nope. no preorder. and do whatever you want. will be no difference in any version. there may be a site that will sale it for about $3 cheaper than teh rest, but that's about it
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In my neighbourhood a store will have both episodes for sale in one retail package on Tuesday for $35 Canadian. I believe GFWL will be selling the episodes for $20 USD each.

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No it is not available right now

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE\Client

double click on GFWLive , sing into your account , locate GTAIV in the marketplace
nothing downloadable yet
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