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Cannot launch through steam

Hi, i downloaded S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky from direct2drive.com's spring sale ($5 this week!). i am an avid Steam user, and i buy most of my games through steam. however, in cases such as this, if i find a game cheaper somewhere else, i will get it, but launch said game through steam so i can use the overlay.

however, i'm getting a strange error.

When i start CS from its normal shortcut, it works just fine. however, i if try starting it through Steam, the splash screen will show , but then an error message appears saying:
"fsgame.ltx cannot be opened. Check your working folder."

CS doesn't start.

i've located the file in question and i'm not sure to do with it. i think CS just doesn't like Steam trying to open the file or something, but i don't know.

any suggestions?
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Go to your Steam shortcut.
Right click said shortcut.
Click "Properties".
In the window that pops up, goto the second text box and scroll to the end.
Delete the "bin" test just before the last "

The game should now be startable through steam, but the overlay doesn't work... Im still working on that part. >.<
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Yep, that will do it. The overlay has never worked for me in either Clear Sky or COP even with steam versions.
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