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Unhappy Wont Install Properly

Used to play this fine, all the time. Would install with no issues. Deleted it a while back and recently decided I want to play it again.

For some reason, when attempting to install it.. it will sit at 0% downloaded for a long time, then instantly just go to 100% complete. However it's far from being complete.. wont launch of course, "Game unavailable". Seems to be no way around it..

Ah yes, then when I delete content.. it disappears and reappears in my list looking like this...


Hopefully someone can help, but I know I'm not really providing a lot of details, since I'm unsure of what the problem is all together heh.. anyhow if anyone can give me a bit of insight I would appreciate it.

Perhaps it's time for a good old format anyhow, been a while..

- Aphrodite
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restart steam it should fix it i did have that problem to
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