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Originally Posted by VegasXL View Post
How are you both supposed to running DX 11, when in one of the pictures, you can clearly see a Windows XP toolbar?...
Because it's a screenshot of a screenshot, sent to a PC that happened to be running XP. Sheesh. Wonder how y'all would have reacted if the toolbar at the bottom was Ubuntu or Win98, lol.

And what's the problem with the FOV? They both look about the same... I use 78 on my two 16:9 displays.
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Originally Posted by nevann View Post
Why is this a screenshot of a jpg?
I'll bet you he had his screen capture program set to PNG or TGA, couldn't figure out what the heck those were, then alt+prt screened the window and pasted it into paint so he could save it as a jpg.

Irfanview buddy, irfanview.
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OMG the funnies in this thread.....

Its been a bug since the BETA.... get with it u lot
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