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The Game Engine for STo?

Hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone can remember what/who's game engine is used in both Co & STo?

I just recently tried out the Free trial of Global Agenda from steam and was amazed when the graphics of that game were shockingly similar to Co & STo. Now GA uses the Unreal Engine but I don't ever remember seeing what engine is used in bothe of Cryptic's games so if anyone can remind me it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh on a second note GA from High Rez Studios is on a very similar game model to Co & STo all of them are highly instanced games with a max of <20 players in an instance and a lobby to sit and wait in until your next mission.
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I don't think it's the Unreal engine, as I've heard it's not properly optimized for an MMO.
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Well STo is not a proper MMO and neither is Co and Global Agenda. They all work from instanced missions that spring from Instanced areas never having more people in them than the game can allow.

It's an argument I don''t want to get into as it's been discussed frequently on these and the STo forums.

I was under the impression that Cryptic had "created" their own game engine for STo and Co however after playing the trial for Global Agenda I have to think that the engine is exceedingly similar to the one used by cryptic.
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The engine used for STO is exactly the same like for Champions Online, a Cryptic own development. Therefor it will stay instanced based forever and commanding from your bridge will never be really possible :/
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I know this.

What I was asking is what is the STo engine is called.

You did say it was Cryptic's own development which is what I had thought as well, however after playing Global Agenda (try the free trial out you will see what I am on about) I noticed a massive similarity in the two game engines.

Hi-Rez are up front about the use of the game engine for Global Agenda which is the Unreal game engine, however as far as I understand it Cryptic have stated that they developed their own game engine for Champions Online and used that for Sto.

However the game engines are so similar it is tough to tell them apart. I challenge you to try. If I didn't know better I would have said that Cryptic didn't even bother with most of their own game generation and just ripped a game engine apart added some more code to it and called it a "New creation" so they didn't have to pay royalty fee's
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There are no royalty fees for engines. In order to legally obtain the engine, a developer must obtain a license to the engine, which generally means that the developer must pay up front for it. There is no way a developer can avoid these costs without getting sued by those who offer the license. And if Cryptic did try and avoid these costs then Epic would have sued them by now because someone would have compared the two engines in the last 6 years.

Anyways, the engine is called the Cryptic Engine and it is not a new creation specifically for Champions Online and Star Trek Online. The engine was originally created for City of Heroes and it has been updated and licensed out to other developers (mainly NCSoft) since that time.

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