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Horrible mouse control in Aquanox 1

This other thread gives more insight on the problem:


Apparently, there is a problem with Aquanox 1 and the high DPI and sensitivity of mice these days. Has anyone found a workaround?
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Can't finish a mission im on because of this damn mouse issue. Fighting amongst the turbines makes it hard to controil your sub let alone when 50% of the time you cant get your mouse to even move at all. So frustrating when your fighting a boss and you can't aim gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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I dont have this problem here. Did you try to change the mouse settings in your control panel menu?
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Alpha Kenny One
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try turning off vertical sync.
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have a logitech g9 mouse.
turning down the DPI on the mouse makes it easier to aim however the issue I have is the mouse completly does not even move at all when trying to aim sometimes mainly when aiming directly up (towards the surface) or down (towards the seabed). When this happens i'm unable to get the mouse to function for about 2-5 seconds.
vertical sync is off and is a graphics issue not control.
Using a new cheaper mouse is also not a solution.
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Old 05-08-2010, 10:05 AM   #6
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My mouse settings are completely messed up. It doesn't even see the Y axis for my Mouse!
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i found this page useful as my mouse is able to be customised for its report rate.


dropping it down to 125 reports per second seems to have made a Massive improvement.
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