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Unhappy Steam server browser?

Does Steam edition of DX1 include Steam server browser? I own this game already, and at the moment I can't fool around buying stuff I already have, despite great deals :-)

So, if this has an integrated Steam server browser and if it's properly "steamed", I'd perhaps even buy it.

What about DX2? Is it comparable to DX1? DX1 was great.
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*sigh* Why is everyone buying a singleplayer game for the multiplayer nowadays?

No, the MP servers don't show up in the Steam browser, you can search ingame, it's completely functional and there are some servers with a decent amount of people. If you want so badly to see servers outside the game, then use Xfire.

As for Invisible War, I've never played it before and last night I played it like 30 minutes, definitively it's not better than DX1, but it's good nonetheless, it's even better than the crap you get for $50-$60 nowadays.

The graphics are pretty decent and have some fancy effects like shaders, a bit of bump mapping, dynamic shadows, dynamic lights, physics and ragdolls. Altough the characters do look a bit dumb, it gets the job done.

As for gameplay, it's mostly a (dumbed down) simplyfied version of DX1, the UI is pretty crappy, but it won't get in the way much if you turn the opacity down, I turned it down to 15.

As for story, it wastes no time in telling you that there is some conspiracy at work and you're in the middle of it, so it gets interesting early in the game.

The game looks promising, altough from the beggining, you'll know that it's not as awesome as DX1, but if you get an open mind and don't take the shortcomings too seriously, you may have fun playing it. It's very worth the price of $2.50 bucks. I got them both without hesitating

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SaloMaya STop being a downer the muiltitplay for this game si well done it has many more thing for admins command then eve up to date games.
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Originally Posted by SaloMaya View Post
*sigh* Why is everyone buying a singleplayer game for the multiplayer nowadays?
Because I played it in multiplayer, too, with my non-steam copy and I liked it? :-)

Thanks for the feedback!
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