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Guild Wars 2 PvP zone

Couple of questions, well, mainly one... Will there be "world" PvP? I heard a while back that this new PvP zone would be an open area focused on PvP, somewhat like Aion's Abyss zone. However, i've also read somewhere that it'll be a series of instanced battlegrounds? Some battlegrounds will have a very low pop cap while others may have higher "epic" battle caps? Which is it?

Any info would be appreciated. I'm still buying the game regardless but it would be nice to know what to expect in regards to this.
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I think what you are refering to is called the Mists and is an in between area between different worlds that they make to keep the areas from being to populated. And we don't know how it will work out yet other than certain worlds will get bonuses from winning and that everyone no matter their level will be able to contribute to the cause.
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