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Question Alternate routes for the Casino level?

I've played through Blood Money quite a bit and it remains a great game. However, one of my least favorite levels is the Casino (A House of Cards). The easiest, most obvious route -- wait in the elevator for the scientist and buyer, use one of their outfits to bomb the Sheik -- is just plain dull after awhile.

Does anyone have any new, fresh ideas on how to complete the Casino? More challenge sounds like fun, I'd like to hear any innovative ways you've found on this level.
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Take out the buyer and the scientist in the lift and take the keycards. Don't bother getting changed (theres a bonus 5k for the suit anyway remember). Go upstairs to the 7th floor and the woman gives you her keycard. Go in her room and unpack the sniper rifle on the balcony. Take a look at the door down below. The shiek is gonna come out of there in a bit. Now go upstairs to the eigth floor and go near the buyers room. Theres loads of guards there so pull the fire alarm just near it and when they leave (they'll be back so hurry up) go inside and and get the phone on the side and phone the shiek up. He's gonna go for a walk and meet the buyer outside. Now you need to leg it like a blue arsed fly back to the lift and then back to your sniper rifle and pop one in his head when he comes out of that little door. Job done. All three targets. You'll get bonus points for retrieving the diamonds case but lose some for leaving the sniper rifile. The diamonds case is worth more. Just get the case you stashed on top of the lift and make for the exit. Silent Assassin.
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Do it all as casino staff, break into the rooms, and get them that way. That's my suggestion anyway.
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Thank you both for the suggestions. It's weird that such a big level would have so limited paths to take. The hotel seems like such a wide-open arena, I wish they had more variety possible
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