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Thumbs up Overall Experience

The game ran great on my machine other than crashes at specific points. I got error: could not create fluid, probably invalid fluid parameters. The only work around i got was just not to look at it. Mostly just look behind or walk backwards for like 3 sec. Just got to figure out what it is that u need to not look at for that little time period.

I run win764 PhenomII x4 955 BE 3.2ghz, 4gb 1333 ddr3, GTX 260 216 896mb

The game also did not like higher resolutions, My fps was decent at 1920x1080 and everything on and high. 30-35 but it felt slow

After changing the resolution down to 1280x960 and suddenly it like i was unstuck. Only a slight improvement in fps 35 constant

In general i was very happy with the story it was very intense never dull, very interactive, the sound was some of best directional as all of my 5.1 speakers were really clear as i looked around.

I also really enjoyed the textures, snow, scenery, the outside.
some other points of the game that i dont want to give away

all in all happy wit excellent sinlge player
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I concur. This game deserves a lot more credit. It's really a shame that the developers did not pay more attention to technical issues before releasing, because it actually has the potential to have a big influence on story telling and game design. Several moments had me think "Why have I never seen this before?" Particularly the cinema scene which is the most innovative concept I have seen in a video game thus far.

As for the technical side, I'm somewhat disappointed. While framerate was generally stable, there were times were it froze up for half a second, and times where it dropped too low (I have an i7 and a GTX295 btw.), I had the fluid error as well, which I handled by turning off PhysX temporarily, and finally the last part where you walk from red spot to red spot it seemed the game had my GPUs take a little break (They returned to idle temperatures and my framerate suffered immensely.)

There really are big issues with this game, but if you can find it within yourself to look past them, this truly is an unforgettable experience.
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I created a thread about the invalid fluid peramiters:

My Thread About Invalid Fluid Peramiters

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