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Question What is GTA IV Party mode?

In GTA IV, there is a multiplayer mode called "Party mode" I can't ever find any Party mode servers so that leaves me to wonder... "What is Party mode?" Thx in advance for some answers.


I noticed that Party mode only appears if you have both the TLAD and TBOGT episodes installed. If either one or the other isn't installed, the Party mode isn't available.

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It's available in normal GTA4, too.

Basically you start Party Mode, and it creates a lobby for you and your friends to join multiplayer games together. You'll all spawn at the abandoned building, north of Alderney, with a selection of weapons & vehicles to entertain yourselves with while you prepare to play a match


Start Party mode
Invite 3 friends
Leader starts search for a TDM
Party gets put into Team Deathmatch together, versus other parties.
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