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Lag Issues with Logitech Wave Keyboard/Mouse

Ive been using this wireless keyboard/mouse for about 2 months, and after using it for a few weeks I noticed a slight lag issue with both the keyboard and mouse. It was really only noticeable when playing games (WoW), and it was completely random and very occasional . I liked the new keyboard / mouse enough that I just kept using it, hoping it would go away.

This is the keyboard/mouse combo:
Newegg Link

I am now really noticing it more, even when not playing wow, and I really want to fix it or switch maybe to a wired keyboard/mouse if wireless keyboard/mice are just not reliable enough for gaming. I assumed by this point a higher end one should work fine, but it seems I was wrong at least with this one.

Looking at the reviews on newegg quite a few other people have had this exact same problem, each quote I have posted at the very bottom is from a separate person in the reviews.

I have tried changing batteries, mousepads, rear/front usb ports, usb extension cords to better position the receiver. I am wondering if other wireless devices are causing interference, I have somewhat close to the keyboad, bluetooth headset, bluetooth keyboard/mouse wireless n/g router.

Looking for any ideas to possibly fix this interference, and people's ideas on how reliable wireless keyboards/mice are for gaming, maybe there is a better one than this one, because it is really starting to annoy me now.


"Both keyboard and mouse now and then loose connection for a second or two. What happens is that sometimes in the middle of typing the keyboard stops responding for a few seconds, or mouse freezes for a split second or two."

"The mouse was was very jerky and never smoooth no matter what I tried and the keyboard kept losing connection/dropping out."

"sometimes there is a bit of lag."

"it loses connection frequently"

"I have sent back this keyboard/mouse once because the mouse completely quit working with full batteries. The one I received has been extremely laggy aka typing and letters appear 5-10 seconds later. This makes gaming impossible.

The mouse often drops signal. I have the receiver only 2 feet away from the keyboard and mouse and no obstructions in the way."

"The mouse has a slight lag at times but not enough to lose a whole egg."

" Stupid RF! Prone to interference and lags sometimes. "

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RF interference from the other stuff you have close to it may be the reason you're getting the lag.

I'm not sure how the RF noise from the other devices affect you, but you could try using a USB cable extension so that your receiver can be placed as close to the keyboard/mouse as possible.

This is what I did back then when my old mouse would start lagging when the batteries had only one day to live (usually lasts about 5 days for a pair). I'd be too lazy to change the batteries and just place the receive right next to the mouse as I already had the extension cable.
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Not sure how far away your trying to use it from, but i've got this to watch movies and stuff from my bed so i dont have to get up. Thats like 15 foot away and it works fine.

As kind of a rule tho, wireless sucks for gaming. I tried to play MW2 on my wireless set, and i remember i couldn't move forward and take off shots without it shuddering and lagging like crazy.
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Well right now I am using the receiver in my front usb port because someone said the PSU can interfere with it if its in the back. So its about 3 feet from my keyboard and 4 feet from my mouse. If my wireless g/n router operates in the 2.4GHZ spectrum, then I guess its possible that could interfere with it, and I am going to try disablein all my wireless things to see if that helps.
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