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Are RIP 2 tank levels just broken?

I've finished RIP 1, and just started 2. Is it just me, or is there something horribly wrong with the tanks? On level 13, the first tank half-destroys my turret before I can even start firing, and once the others appear it's near-instant Game Over. (I know a wrench eventually appears, but it's too late to do any good.)

I used the level-file trick mentioned elsewhere on this forum to skip that level, and level 14 is just as bad. The tanks seem insanely overpowered (and/or the turret underpowered), making those levels ridiculously hard compared to everything else in the game. And since non-turret weapons do trivial damage to the tanks, there doesn't seem to be any alternate strategy available.

Is that the way the game was when it came out, or has something broken in the transition to Steam? (Is the turret really supposed to do its agonizingly slow reload every time you get in?) I tried each level about ten times, and can't even imagine how success would be possible.

Am I missing something, or is this game just broken?
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Wow just had the same experience. Got the RIP trilogy as part of the indie action pack over xmas. Played the first one. It was good arcade fun, easy enough not to be too frustrating, except for a few too many tries on the last level.

Then enter RIP 2. Oh, we can move our character now. Cool, I guess. Then I see tanks in the low teens and know this game is going downhill fast.

I was actually able to beat the garage (lvl 13) on Normal. There's either a lot of luck involved or way too much skill involved for this early in the game. Mostly I found success by using normal shot and shooting directly a the tank's turrets. If you're lucky, your shots will stop most of the shots coming out of the tank's turret that would have hit you, and the shots that get by are the ones that aren't aimed such that they'll hit your turret. You also have to get lucky in that the first few shots the tank fires (while your loading up) miss. Then aim straight down and hit the bottom tank as soon as it spawns. You'll take some shots from the top right tank (more luck involved here that the first few top right tank's shots don't hit). Now turn over and kill top right. Then pick up your well-deserved wrench.

I can get past this phase about 1/8 of the time or so.

The pattern then repeats. Kill top left, hoping not to take too many shots, then bottom and top right spawn. Kill bottom, flip over to top right asap.

I can get past this phase about 1/5 of the time (easier since you don't have to wait to load up like in the first phase, but still too much luck involved). Now a ghost appears on the bottom. Kill it, but don't use too many bullets; he drops a laser gun. You may not have time to pick it up *yet* but you'll still want it. The second ghost spawns at top about the same time as another flurry starts with another spawn from top left. Try to balance picking up the wrench it drops with killing the top left tank.

You should only have 1-2 tanks left, but since you probably had to reload close to now your turret is probably dead. Use the laser to kill the last tank. I found the most success by sticking to the left side of the screen and moving between top left and bottom left. Its worth a shot of laser to destroy the bushes if you have to in order to pave a path to the top left quadrant.

Good luck! It's not actually the following level that is all that bad. It's the one after that.

I think I'm either gonna give up on this or drop the difficulty. I don't like playing games on easy but these "tricky tank levels" are just too frustrating and I play games for fun, not achievement.

EDIT: yep, much more fun on easy :P Tanks seem to have about half as much life.

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Yeah, I was stuck on the tank levels, especially 15, for a long time. Halloween's freeze perk helped a lot.

Now I'm stuck on level 20. Can barely even dent the boss before becoming overrun....

Started Death on Easy, and it's a bit too easy...

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i'm stuck on level 13 the garage. same dealy-o. it is a bit ridiculous. didn't they play test this? i mean, i remember rip 1 being pretty fun and challenging but manageable... this is just kind of frustrating, like what am i doing wrong?
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I have just run into this wall using Halloween on normal. As far as I have got is taking out about six tanks before they get me, then I run around like a nut and if I'm lucky can take one tank out by hand before I'm toasted. I can never get that second wrench; it spawns just about one second after I die every time, as if by intention. I think it's a real dirty trick. I like that it's challenging but I think like the others I'm going to have to restart on easy to get past it, which I don't want to do. The rest of the levels were a good challenge level for me on normal, so it stinks that I'm going to have to nerf the rest of the game just to get by these insane tank levels.
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Good. It's not just me. Actually I KNEW it wasn't me, but I was hoping to find a thread dedicated to what a poor game the tank levels make RIP2. I was also hoping to find a hidden strategy and an apology from the developers, but maybe that's asking too much of three games I paid a dollar for.
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The strategy is to memorize the order and the position of the coming tanks, and where cover would be most useful (before it gets destroyed). It becomes almost like a puzzle, which tank to aim at, which direction to dodge, etc. Still needs some luck though.
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OK, here are the final words on the tanks:

1.) Levels 13 and 15 CAN be beaten, but you may want to start a few levels back to tweak your skill set. I used Death w/ lv.2 Rate of Fire and lv.3 Power. It was tricky, and required luck like everyone says, but it's possible. Make sure to destroy the first boss while the Gold Experience bonus is active in order to score some massive experience. And only upgrade your skills at the beginning of a level. That way if you don't like the options you're given, just restart and try again.

2.) The tank levels don't require any luck whatsoever for those who edit their "config.ini" file. It's located in your "Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\rip 2 - strike back\RIPSB" folder. Open it in Notepad and search for "[Enemy7_2]" (easy), "[Enemy7_0]" (normal), or "[Enemy7_1]" (hard). Change those "health" and/or "power" values immediately below, save your changes, then go enjoy your newly-improved game. Now you've got 'em by the treads!
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