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Steam with Multiple Computers

I am new to Steam and i just wanted to make sure of something.

I have my gaming computer which i currently game on but am about to buy a new laptop to take with me to university. I just wanted to make know if there will be any issues on any level with Steam when using 2 different computers with the same steam account (mainly with the validation codes).

Also is it possible to be using 1 Steam account on 2 computers simultaneously (sp?) playing different games??
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you can use 99999 computers for 1 steam account. but only 1 can be logged in at the same moment
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Hi mojojojo101,

I myself use my account on both a laptop and "big" computer. There shouldn't be any issue with what you are suggesting. You can only have it open in one location, that's for sure.

All the validation codes are tied to your account. I have installed games/received gifts on both computers with no problems.

If you are using an external hard drive, you will be able to bring your save games with you. Some save games are not supported by cloud yet.

Hope this helps you out and best of luck
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