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Few bugs...

I've bought AvP Classic 2000 few weeks ago. It's fun to play a good old game again, however there are few weird things.

First one is slow motion water. It looks like the waves are moving in super slow motion. And in the end, instead of water, it looks like a jelly liquid moving slowly around.
I'm using Radeon HD5850 with always the latest drivers (Cat 10.4 right now).

Second thing is alien getting stuck on 90 degree edges. Sometimes you want to go around them using crouch stance (to walk on ceilings) and you just can't go over the edge. The alien just gets stuck.

Third are superhuman reflexes of enemies with shotguns. There was one level in the alien campaign on a space ship (where you have to sabotage it) where i had to repeat it like 30 times because of this crap.
There were two synthetics on the other side of the door which i had to open to get through. However as soon as i opened the door i got popped the very microsecond i could move through. And i'm talking about instant kill in a fraction of a second. And this wasn't the only such situation. Few sections before this, there was a guy with grenade launcher. He nabbed me no matter how fast or how i moved. As soon as i just seen him for a microsecond, i got a nade in just the same time in my face. There is no way grenades can fly that fast and with such precision.

Fourth are god damn civilians with molotov cocktails. God they are freakin annoying. Most of the time they still burn you as you kill them. I feel like a plush toy, not like a freakin' killer alien.

Just for now, i hope it will get fixed.
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If i recall, that 90 degree - problem is engine related limitation / issue.

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Mad Max RW
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Those are mostly stupid complaints rather than bugs. Synthetics are supposed to have good aim with the shotgun. The solution is don't get shot. As for the molotov cocktail, stay away from them. Aliens don't like fire.

The 90 degree angle wall climbing thing is a known glitch within the engine. It's been there since 1999. I don't see them ever solving it.
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Stupid complaints... Ahaha, um. Ok...
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What difficulty are you playing the game on?

Training, Realistic, or Director's Cut?

Did you remember to save the game right before the hard and tricky parts of the levels?

Also check here to view solutions for all the levels in the game: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=1236018

I've completed the game using most difficult mode known as ImpossibleMission, so what works in this should work on all the lower difficulties.

As for the Alien, did you hold the Claw attack button while moving around quickly strafing side to side, or circle strafe? It's the best technique to deal with stronger enemies.

You can also hold the tail attack for stronger attack which is usually enough to kill any human enemy instantly, try it on the civilians, and you should hit them from a safe distance from the molotovs. Or just run around like mad till the fire extinguishes if you catch on fire.
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