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how do i increaes my population

i am playing sandbox, and i am at December 1960, i have tons of stuff, built plenty of tenements/apartments immigration center and selected open immigration, even have college and high school police station, i just built a lot, but my main issue is my population wont go over 100, my people are starving (i built marketplace) and my dock only has 1 worker, built more farms no one will work at them, even raised salaries. Still nothing. i even have a 59% happiness rating.

Any ideas?

Also garage wise, i put them by my tenements and by workplaces, but is there like a max distance then there not effective anymore? Or it dont really matter how far away they are from each other?

Thanks in advance.
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There are maximum distances people will travel (available garages/cars will increase that) for food as well as other desires (and work). If there isn't a suitable living place around their workplace they'll leave the island (in case of hired specialists) or just build some shacks nearby.

Only played the demo so far but I think it's best to have one market with tenements etc. built around and some farms outside. You don't need direct street connections to most houses (only those that got a fixed street tile attached) but the closer streets are the better people are able to reach it (by car).
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You need to make sure your island has enough teamsters, if you click on the market you can check how much food it has handed out, if the number is low or zero then you have a logistics problem, you'll need a garage close to the market and enough teamsters to bring food to that market.
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