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Aesir Rising
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DLC Purchase User Interface Problem

I can't tell for sure what's what in the DLC purchase UI. I'd like to see Paradox and Valve put their collective heads together and come up with something more user-friendly. I am trying to confirm what my purchases are and whether or not I'm missing a sprite pack, and trying to avoid purchasing the same thing twice.

In the Steam Client, I see a list with the following, under the DLC tab of HoI III Properties:
Hearts of Iron III
Hearts of Iron III: DLC  - Sprite Pack
First issue: Get rid of the underscores - they shouldn't be there. It is inconsistent with the first 2 items on the list and adds to the overall confusion. Name the DLC correctly and consistently.

Second issue: "Hearts of Iron III" sounds like the core game. It shouldn't be in the DLC listing at all. But I'll be damned if I can't figure out if it's another poorly named/formatted DLC pack - perhaps the one I think I'm missing.

Third Issue: The names in the DLC list don't match up with the names in the store front for the DLC. So when I go to this page, I'm still unsure if I got them all. Do I have this one or not?


And, finally, there is no saftety-net for a duplicative purchase. I can't even imagine a situation where I would want to buy two copies of a given DLC when I only have one copy of the game.
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I Agree...

I agree with what your saying about the file names themselves. They need to be cleaned up so that the user knows what their purchasing. However, for knowing what content you've already downloaded please follow the steps (I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm being a a*****e).

1) In the Steam client, under the Library tab and on the left are the games you own.
2) Right-click on the game, then click View Downloadable Content. This will show all the content that you have downloaded for that chosen game.

The DLC link will only take you to the purchasing content page for that game.

But again, I do agree whole-heartedly that the filenames do need to be renamed to make them more clear and something put in place to prevent users from purchasing a game or any of it's content twice by accident.

Again, sorry if it sounds like I'm being an idiot.
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