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OSX - cannot load charcter

This is a topic this is alive in the 'Help and Support' Torchlight forum, but I didn't see it in this forum...

After playing Torchlight successfully before dinner, and then logging back in (after getting a dialog that apparently, Steam doens't support Cloud saves...) my character was there (not ghosted) but couldn't be loaded ('Continue' wasn't available). I then went to 'Load' and my character became a 'ghost'.

Back to the main page, and now the character is ghosted like a retiree.

I know I didn't retire him as I have not completed this game yet, so the option wasn't available.

This behavior happened after the latest Steam update, today.


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I had the exact same issue.

This is my first experience with Steam and I was really getting into Torchlight. I hope we can get some answers soon I don't want to lose the progress I've made.
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I'm having the same issues after Steam crashed. I'm going to try to restore from the backup save files.
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